Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Never say Never"-Justin Beiber

This week’s blog will truly be short and sweet, mostly due to the fact that our dreamer is only sixteen and hasn’t had many years to tell of, and he’s super sweet!
 Born March 1, 1994, in Ontario Canada to a single mother, Justin Beiber at age twelve came in second place in a local talent competition. A video taken by his mother was posted on youtube so that family members could see his performance but the video went viral and turned into a YouTube phenomenon! Within months, Justin was an internet sensation with a large following of fans. 

The video soon caught the attention of talent agent Scooter Braun who was able to secure an important audition with Usher Raymond, who was impressed and helped Justin sign a record deal. After signing a record contract with Usher he hit the studios to record his first album and became the first solo artist to have four singles enter top 40 before the release of a debut album! 
 His first single “One Time”, was a worldwide hit and was certified platinum in Canada and the United States. 
 This was followed up by his record, “My World” that hit the stores in November 2009, and has gone platinum in several countries selling more than 137,000 copies.
 Beiber is a true overnight success, having gone form an unknown, untrained singer whose mother posted YouTube clips of her boy performing, to a budding superstar with a big-time record deal, all in two years.
 By 2011, he was named Google’s most –searched person. Along with that search, Justin was also recognized as having a higher score on the Klout online “influences” than Barack Obama.
 Another fun fact I found on Beiber was his change of hair style in 2010, and the consequent alterations to Beiber products, led to it being called “the most expensive musical haircut of all time; one company spent $100,000 to fix its dolls for the 2011 Christmas season.
 Also in 2011 “Never say never” was released as a 3D film. The film followed the pop star Justin Beiber during the ten days counting down to what is considered his biggest performance, that of August 31,2010 in Madison Square Garden, which sold out in 22 min.
 The film topped the Friday box office by an estimated grossing of 12.4 million dollars on its opening day and for the weekend, it grossed $29,514,054.
Beiber is continuing on his journey looking for ways to share his good fortune. He is involved with several charities like the red cross, Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, and New Look Foundation where he not only donates money but his time as well. (I have listed a few videos of his giving, on the sidebar for your viewing pleasures.)
   I love this young man’s words of encouragement to those who still seek a dream. “Never say never” because weather it comes over night or years down the road,
 “You can and you will be all that you dream to be”-Angela Short


  1. This is a great story,and in todays world could happen to anyone! Its another reason I think YOU guys should post more videos on Youtube! Just searching for your material on there is a challenge! Record some more stuff and get it out there.....This story proves you never know! As far as Justin.....He's a cool kid that takes it all in stride and can even make fun of himself. On top of that he's talented with a really nice voice! The sky is the limit for this kid!The added bonus is that he's already giving back and that in itself makes him a superstar!Keep up the Great Work Buddy! <3

  2. Tks Sam and your right when the front door is shut sometimes you gotta find a way around it :)

  3. You know.....I may not be the Best Singer in the world but one thing I do know is Talent and you my friend are extremely talented along with Marty & Anna! Normally you cant go by videos and Cd's but what did it for me is when I saw you guys live in Florida! You all(or Ya'll) as you guys as good as it gets with those Harmonies!So do whatever you have to do to get around that front door because YOUR Dream is waiting to be heard! I stiil have a couple friends in Nashville,so if the doors keep closing let me know and i'll try to help you the best I can! :)