Monday, March 26, 2012

"Trust your gut."-Barbara Walters

 In 1976, ABC news signs the first female co-anchor in history.Her name, Barbara Walters. 

Barbara was an energetic individual and hard worker and from the time she graduated collage she knew what she wanted and that was to be a newscaster. 

Having a go get ’em personality Walters wasted no time and positioned herself in a career that would allow her to sharpen her skills as a writer. And those skills were soon recognized by the director of a CBS affiliate where she started as a writer and researcher. During this era it was believed that nobody would take a woman seriously reporting "hard news” said Walters. After ten years at CBS working as co host on “The morning show” but never named co host, Walters was finally awarded the opportunity of a life time, when she was approached by ABC news and signed a 5 million dollar contract for five years to be the first ever woman co-anchor. 

Sounds like a fairy tale, but Walters’s fairy tale only lasted about a week. What the network and she had hoped would be a blissful partnership between her and her co-anchor was anything but nice. Her co-anchor was not only upset that he had to share his time with a woman but she was also getting paid double his salary! And although Walters tried to make it work it was just impossible and the show began to lose viewers. Walters confided in a CNN interview, “I was a terrible failure. I thought my career was over.” She was removed from the desk, but to fulfill her contract, ABC launched the “Barbara Walters Special”, which saved her career.

 What I love about Walters’s early life is that she positioned herself to be close to what she wanted. And while she waited for the opportunity she polished the tools she would need and would use in the area’s she was looking to work in.

 I have a saying that I live by – “Luck, is when preparation meets opportunity.”In other word we have to be fully prepared and in the position to be ready when opportunities come along. 

Walters worked 10 years as a writer and researcher before she was ever recognized for the woman we know her as today. But had she not prepared and positioned herself the opportunity would have never come.

 I know sometimes it feels like our dreams are in the hands of others and it can get discouraging when you feel ready and maybe even more talented than the person in front of you who is doing what you want to do. But know this- “you can’t control time, but you can control your future if you position yourself.” 

Reality is the state of being real. So get real with yourself this week and ask yourself the hard questions.Am I positioning myself for my dreams to become reality? I hope you all have a great week and look forward to hearing good reports on your journey from dream to reality

 “You can and you will be all that you dream to be”


  1. Awesome again Buddy! I always liked Barbara,she seemed like the Cool,calm voice of reason in the room! I totally agree with you about being prepared also because you never know!For instance,we both have upcoming CD'S.....We dont know if our music will sell 100 copies or Millions. Its all right place right time but you have to be prepared! Same goes for you live shows....Give it all you got because you never know,that little old man sitting by himself in the corner could have the power to change your lives forever! Love your stories! Thanks,Sammy

  2. Thanks Sam! Good things are ahead for us all.