Tuesday, December 27, 2011

introduction of "i will" a 52 week journey from dream to reality

Since the beginning, there has been men and woman who have moved from dream to reality.

Like many others, I too have a dream, but the time, strength and faith it takes to make those dreams come true is sometimes overwhelming and you feel like given up.

But I want to encourage everyone out there who has a dream.

Maybe you’re dreaming of a new career, an invention, a mission to discover something new or to build up something great. If you want to make a difference and be a life changer, or even world changer then this blog is for you!

We will walk together on a wonderful 52-week journey alongside those men and woman who have crossed over from dream to reality.

I want to encourage you through their stories and inspire you to become all you can be and to NEVER give up!

Sometimes just knowing that you are not alone and hearing the voices of those who have made it from dream to reality is all the encouragement that you need to keep moving forward!

So join me each week at www.iwill-365blogspot.com for a new inspiring true story.

You can and you will do all that you dream to do!

( This blog will start Monday, January 2nd and a new one will be posted every Monday.)