Monday, April 9, 2012

"No Greater Love hath a man, than he that layeth his life down for another" -Jesus Christ

This week I have the honor of writing the success story of my best friend.
His vision and purpose driven life are the true meaning of success.  His fame has spread across the world and his outrageous acts of kindness are told in over 2,018 languages. 
 Who was this man? And what was his dream?
 Well, his dream could be described as building a bridge but the bridge was only the tool.  You see his true dream was to fill the gap between man and God.  
  As a child, he knew that he was destined to do something great. His father was a carpenter and Jesus would help him build and work on things but Jesus was more of a teacher.
  Jesus performed his first miracle ever recorded by turning water into wine at a wedding for his mother when he was in his late twenties.
   By the time, he was thirty he and twelve men who were later called apostles went about preaching the love of God. His teachings and miracles including raising a man named Lazeruth from the dead who had already started the decaying process having been dead four days  was heard of and spread abroad  and caused people to believe he was the coming Messiah  that the prophets had long ago prophesied about saying, “He would come and save the world.”
  Now Jesus had performed may miracles by the time he was thirty-three and It would appear that my friend would be loved and adored by all. After all, he had, opened blinded eyes, and deaf ears, he made lame to walk and the mute to speak and on several occasions raised the dead. But Jealousy overcame many people of power in that day and time including so-called “men of God” who called him a blasphemy.
  One day, Jesus told his disciples that he was about to be betrayed and that it would lead to his death. No one could understand who would do such a thing and refused to hear the truth that Jesus was saying. Then Jesus said this to them “No greater love hath a man than he that layeth his life down for another.”
 Soon after Jesus was betrayed and crucified just as he had said. His innocence and purity as that of a sacrificial lamb were seen by God and it is in Jesus’ death that the bridge between man and God was made. Giving everlasting life and healing to all men who would simply believe.
During Jesus life, the only way to be forgiven of sins was through the blood of a sacrificial lamb. And the relationship between God and man was a priest.  Jesus wanted people to be able to come before the throne of God and have a personal relationship with him, and to be able to simply ask forgiveness with a sincere heart and forgiveness would be given.

 His dream was not simply laid in a tomb after his sacrifice, nor will you find his body in a cemetery.
To complete the life cycle of the dream he had for every living soul, Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into heaven where he is building a place for believers to come and live for eternity, where with God, there will be no pain or suffering no sickness and even no tears. Can you imagine?

I know it all seems a little hard to believe. I mean why would anyone care so much? The truth is I don’t know but I do know that “I love him because he first loved me”. And the more I use that bridge of communication, and grace that he built. The more I am in awe, that my best friend, not only gave his life for me but continues to  encourage me when I am down and gives me strength when I feel unable to keep moving forward.

 He is truly my inspiration and an encourager to all dreamers cheering us on our way – because of Jesus, I can and I will be all that I dream to be.”

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  1. That my friend was Absolutely Beautiful! Thank You for these words....If you dont mind I would just like to add my status from yesterday!
    Religion might seem like principles of do this and do that but Christianity is based on one principle alone, "it is done!" Christ is the sacrifice that was made to atone for our sins. We could never and would never be able to do anything to redeem ourselves with all of the sin in our lives. Knowing this, God sent Jesus Christ who lived a sinless life to be the scrificial lamb that would redeem us. He came to take the punishment for our sins. Why a sacrifice? Because the wages of sin is death. But, for those who live in faith and obedience, the sacrifice and knowing that Jesus rose from the dead, made a way for us to have eternal life in Heaven if we repent and seek forgiveness for our sins. This gift of salvation is an awesome act of love for you and I. HAPPY EASTER!!