Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"To love someone deeply gives you strength .Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage"-Lao Tzu

Ahhhh...... Valentines Day, a day set aside to share our love and devotion to those we care about.
You will probably find it strange who I have picked for this weeks blog considering it Valentin's Day.
But I hope it conveys the truth I wish to share with my fellow dreamers.
  July 27,1981 Adam the six year old son of John and Reve' Walsh was abducted. Sixteen days after the abduction, his severed head was found in a drainage canal more than 120 miles away from home. His other remains were never recovered.
I hear you saying, and thinking, "Angela why would you talk about this especially the week of Valentines Day!"
 I chose not a person but a couple who's dreams were one of inspiration and deep commitment not only to each other but the dream that would be stirred up in them by the loss of their  first and at the time only son.

During the time when most couples fall apart, this amazing couple took their devastation and loss and turned it into a memorial that would give hope and chance to other victims who had no place to go.
During the time of the six year old"s abduction there was no such thing as the amber alert or Adams code. In fact the police department involved in the Walsh case had no idea where to start.

John Walsh, who you will know as the face, voice, and creator of America's Most Wanted, was living a comfortable life as a hotel partner in Hollywood,Florida.
  His wife Reve, and there six year old son, were shopping for a lamp at a sears department store at the Hollywood mall, across from the Hollywood police department. Reve' had dropped Adam off in the Sears toy department while she looked for a lamp . When she returned about 7 min later, Adam was missing. The police records in Adams case released in 1996 show that a 17 year old security guard asked four boys to leave the department store . Adam is believed to have been one of them.
Following the crime, the Walsh family founded the Adam Walsh Child Resource Center, a non profit organization dedicated to legislative reform. The Walsh family organized a political campaign to help missing and exploited children. Despite bureaucratic and legislative problems, John and Reve's efforts eventually led to the creation of the Missing children Act of 1982 and the Missing children's Act of 1984.

Today the Walsh's continue to testify before congress and 
state legislature on crime,missing children and victim's rights 
issues.The hit TV show "Americas Most Wanted", would over the course of twenty years contributed to the  catch of over 1000 criminal with the help of public awareness. 
Because this couple had a dream of a safer place for children and a system that would protect victims,  we have things in place such as "Code Adam" a movement first made by Walmart stores in the southern United States. A "Code Adam" is announced when a child is missing in a store or if a child is found by a store employee or patron. If the child is lost or missing all doors are locked and a store employee is posted at every exit while a description of the child is generally broadcast over the intercom system. code Adam as a term has become synonymous with a missing child, and is a predecessor to an"Amber Alert" which serves as a system of broadcast-driven community notification. 

Also  the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act was signed by president George W. Bush on July 27,2006. Which primarily focuses on a national sex offender registry that also toughens penalty's for not registering as a sex offender following the release into society.  You can even now, find apps or websites that show you a description of the sex offender, and where they are located in your area.
 This weeks quote is not from John but I would say that John and his wife live a life that says  "Dare to make a change, be the difference!

In all there accomplishments  of which I am so thankful for there is one thing, you may never hear mentioned in their story. But to me it one of the most extraordinary things they have accomplished In fulling their dreams.

In a time where over 68% of couple separate from such overwhelming  grief and hopelessness this couple stayed together. 
And this my friends is where I will hope that you will focus and remember  as you walk into your success, because over half of the dreamers who's dreams have turned into reality somewhere along the way left behind the most import thing in life,  and that is their loved ones, or that husband or wife that was there with them through the good and bad of waiting and working towards the fulfillment of a dream. But truly if this Walsh couple could find a way we can too, perhaps by simply being aware of it"s lurking presence. We can like the Walsh family eliminate the threat of separation.

You may have  thought it strange to write this on Valentines
 Day week, but even the origins of Valentine's Day its self is built upon not that of hearts and roses but a person, that ultimately gave his life, so that love might be preserved . 
   You see,
The alleged Saint Valentin where Valentin's Day originated from, belived so strongly in the power of love that he continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret during the time when Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families so he outlawed marriage for young men.
Valentine realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and  was marterd for its cause.   Leaving behind what would be the first Valentin"s day card to his beloved. signing it, 
from your Valentine.

I hope that this Valentin's day finds you well on your way, hand in hand, with the ones you love and cherish for
 "To love someone deeply gives you strength , being loved deeply by someone give you courage."
  So tell that special someone  how much you love them and have a great Valentine's Day knowing,
 "You can and you will be all that you dream to be."


  1. Hey friends, I am having a lot of difficulty with my blogs editing tools and some other things. I have sent a request to blog spot so please know I know that these problems are on the site and I am working with blog spot to get the bugs out.I appreciate your patience and support.

  2. First....Good Morning my friend! I couldnt get on your blog this morning but if theres a Will theres a way! I just clicked on one of your old Blogs and here it was! Anyway,the story doesnt matter to me as much as the message! Its a wonderful message.....too many people let things tear them apart in married life and friendships! I personally believe that being able to communicate with eachother is the most important tool we have as humans! The Walsh's had a terrible thing happen and you have to admire their strength and because of it they're making a difference! Unfortunately,not everyone has that same desire to push forward through the tough times and it consumes them! Its also very difficult when another person was brought up in a different way! Everything may be great,but when certain things happen their true differences come out and its a hard thing to handle because everyone handles the stress of life in general differently! Sometimes its Best to walk away from a relationship or friendship just so things dont take a turn for the worse and there's No turning back ever! I've had to learn the hard way that not everyone puts their all into relationships and friendships like I do.....it was tough for me to understand because i'm a giving person,but you have to trust that if anything is or was meant to be....God will provide the tools! Have a Beautiful Monday Buddy! :)

  3. Very Beautifully written. It's so true that it takes Pure and Genuine Love to stay connected with those special people in your life. Everyone handles emotions, feelings, grief etc.. very differently and just as Sam stated, God has ALREADY given us the tools to handle these things. It's called unconditional Love. God placed it in our hearts before we were even born. It requires digging deep and letting go of what hinders us and counting our blessings, both good and bad just as they are. I love this week's Blog, you are amazing my friend! Love you!

  4. What a GREAT example of love! It is the easy way out to just quit, people are looking for a quick fix. If we could see way down the road what our future would be and how it will affect ourselves and others, we would try a little longer and maybe even a little harder. If the Walsh's would have just gotten all these programs together and then divorced, just think how disappointed and hurt their child would have been. If the child could have been able to speak, she might have said "I feel like it's my fault because, if I would have lived they would still be together. Life is not always easy, it has lots of trails, but it is up to us how we handle them. A lot of times we go through things so that we can help someone else. We are our brother's keeper. The Word says "That what the devil meant for our harm, the Lord would turn it around and use it for our good”.Those that finish the race get the reward. Such a good writer!Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

  5. I am so glad that you guys agree. I was thinking about the Walsh family and others who have been separated from family to death or accidents and even kidnapping and murder and they never get over it even though there was nothing they could do to have stopped it in most cases. But when we allow our selves to separate from our loved ones when it is in our hands to do something to keep it together it is like standing by and willingly watching your family be murdered. please know that this is not anti divorce I am talking about but the lack of preservation in families. A lot of good families and friends have separated due to
    time- management,lack of communication,and simply letting "life " get in the way. all of which can be avoided if we are simply aware of its presence.

  6. Understanding and Communication are the keys to it all Buddy! I Love the forum :)