Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Perspective is a key component in a dreamers hand bag to success."-Angela Short

Are you dressed for success?
 Ladies you know how important a good hand bag can be and guys don’t go zoning out on me yet, your appearance may not be nestled in the perfect handbag but the right shoes, tie, watch, and even hair style are all a part of the perspective. If your dream is to be a business man, you better put on a suit and tie because no one would perceive you as a business man and take you seriously if you walk in with jeans and boots right? Even though most of us know how to dress the part there is an accessory my friend that is essential for a dreamer and that is what I want to talk about this week. But first let me introduce to you a woman that is known all over the world and who truly created a "handbag to success."  Her name is Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel.
Having lived at the age of twenty seven, a life of extreme poverty, and extreme wealth, Gabrielle found herself alone, and on her own, with a love of sewing.
Thus Gabrielle became a licensed modiste (hat maker) and in 1910 opened a boutique at 21 rue Cambon, Paris named Chanel Modes. The boutique became very successful, and once theater actress Gabrielle Dorziat modeled her hats in the F Noziere’s play Bel Ami in 1912 it became even bigger
 In 1913 Gabrielle established a boutique in Deauville, where she introduced Luxe casual clothes that were suitable for leisure and sport. This launched Gabrielle a career as fashion designer.  
Chanel known for her simplicity stated, “Simplicity is the key note to all true elegance.”
In 1939, at the beginning of World War II, Gabrielle closed all her shops. She claimed that, “It was not a time for fashion.”
In 1954 she returned to the fashion world and was welcomed by Americans and British who became faithful customers.
Gabrielle better known as Coco Chanel is still to this day a leader in the fashion industry for both men and woman. Gabrielle built not just a career but an empire.
We not only have her to thank for the concept “the little black dress”, but if not for her it would be considered unfashionable and denoting to have a suntan! That’s right historically; identifiable exposure to the sun was the mark of those unfortunate laborers doomed to a life of unremitting, unsheltered toil. Chanel took in the sun, not only making it acceptable but a symbol of a life of privilege and leisure. (For this I say, “Thank you Chanel!”)
Coco Chanel made history with her unerring sense of style, and her accomplishments and life are written and recounted in several books and movies.
The hand bag she created in 1955 made of quilted leather and gold or metallic chain strap is still known throughout the world and has never gone out of style.
At age 87 Chanel was still working and creating what would be the spring collection when she passed away in her sleep January 10, 1971.
Our dreamer used patterns and fashion on a very real scale but today as we reflect, let us create the handbag that will truly hold up to the test of time. One that complements the dream we are trying to accomplish.
 When you wear something of great value you become confident, and very careful of its care.  You only place in it things of a similar value, thus it is important that you display your dreams in this same way, with the pattern of virtue, emblems of patience, and then fill it with the simplicity of  being  true to yourself.
For truly a dream is but an accessory of the man or woman in the mirror and you alone  have the power to enable people to see and perceive you for the man or woman you dream to be. So dress for success my friends and know –
“That you can, and you will, be all that you dream to be”.


  1. Love it! :) Just what I needed to hear as I ponder a new business adventure!

  2. This is Awesome angela,I've always loved Fashion and although i'm not a fashion nut for myself I know what looks great on others! But whats really style? I've known people who have their own style that would never work for Most,but for them its works perfectly! As far as wearing things of value, it does make you more confident and careful of its care! I have a Marc Ecko watch that I recieved as a gift and my Wedding Band was my Fathers(who passed in 1994) You cant put a price tag on that! But I believe in some cases dressing for success can also mean dressing Down! While I understand your point about business people,my point would be.....Example: On our upcoming CD,any pictures of us would be along the lines of our Music which is in the Hard Rock catagory,So we would probably be dressing down for that photo shoot to fit the Rock n roll image! Such is life.....Sometimes you have to go with what works for YOU! Beautifully Writen as always! Sammy

  3. Good luck Kimmy if there is anything i can do to help just let me know!