Tuesday, December 27, 2011

introduction of "i will" a 52 week journey from dream to reality

Since the beginning, there has been men and woman who have moved from dream to reality.

Like many others, I too have a dream, but the time, strength and faith it takes to make those dreams come true is sometimes overwhelming and you feel like given up.

But I want to encourage everyone out there who has a dream.

Maybe you’re dreaming of a new career, an invention, a mission to discover something new or to build up something great. If you want to make a difference and be a life changer, or even world changer then this blog is for you!

We will walk together on a wonderful 52-week journey alongside those men and woman who have crossed over from dream to reality.

I want to encourage you through their stories and inspire you to become all you can be and to NEVER give up!

Sometimes just knowing that you are not alone and hearing the voices of those who have made it from dream to reality is all the encouragement that you need to keep moving forward!

So join me each week at www.iwill-365blogspot.com for a new inspiring true story.

You can and you will do all that you dream to do!

( This blog will start Monday, January 2nd and a new one will be posted every Monday.)


  1. Feel free to leave comments or even share your dreams and goals!

  2. I have many dreams my main and first is to maintain a relationship with god. My second dream is to be the best mother I know how to be. My third is to finish my BA's in college, especially with a 3.5 or above GPA. And last for now to lose weight. I am succeeding in some of my goals but am figuring out where to start in others. I am a very determind person and will fulfill my dreams and goals... AMEN

  3. Oh the Dreams i've had! Even though my biggest Dreams were never realized its important that we keep trying. A lesson I learned a few years ago was what a fool I was for not pushing forward with my singing career many years ago.Our band was one of the top Hard Rock bands in the Midwest,with two major record labels looking at our material.One of our guitarist decided he wanted to be the only guitarist,so he left the band.Now back in the late 80's there were thousands of bands waiting for their chance,we were infomed that the labels wouldnt wait for us so they dropped our CD.It soured my view of the music business and I gave up singing!Now 20 years later,even though the Dream of touring is gone because of our ages,We decided to finally put out a couple of Full Length CD'S.We are ALL excited to have our Music heard and in early 2012 one of my Dreams will be achieved! So if anything comes of this letter....Dont give up on your Dreams because now only God knows what would have happened had we stuck with it 20 years ago! Thank you Angela for creating this site! I hope to be a positive influence on your site! God bless,Sammy

  4. Thanks Shelly and Sam for sharing your dreams and words of encouragement.
    I am so excited to post the first story January 2nd. It will be very encouraging even for people who like you Sam, may have let one to many dreams slip between their fingers But finally have grabbed on to a dream and made the decision to see it through.
    I know personally whenever I have gotten disheartened about my singing and writing career I just think do I really want to be known as a quitter? And the answer is no. I would rather die believing and trying than to be known as someone who quit never knowing what might have been. I do think that it is important for those of us who have long term dreams to have some short term goals to keep us motivated and moving forward. For me that is what this blog is and I would like to thank each and every one who has and will subscribe to this blog. You are making my dreams come true!
    God bless.

  5. Aww....i think its awesome what you are doing. Hopefully many more people will come aboard. Another Dream I have(short or Long term) is to see a cure for cancer! In 2006 I was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma(The deadliest skin cancer)I had it removed from my arm and 30 something stitches later I was relieved to find out it was in the early stages so I didnt need Chemo or Radiation.I go to get checked every 6 months because its likely to return! This is a Dream I want to see come true very soon! Have a great week everyone! :)

  6. Thank you Angela for the words of encouragment and wisdom. Hopefully we will have more people on here, for your dreams. I have started small goals, but they are also long term as well. I believe that you need to get into to good habits in order to overcome bad ones. My weight is an issue for me at the moment but I do not let that get me. I have just had a foot proceedure today, I can not run or even be on my feet too long. I have chosen to lose weight though. And so far I have lost 15 lbs. I am under the care of my doctor plus I eat healthier than I did and I don't sit still in my chair. lol I listen to music while I do homework and exercise the best way that I can until I am able to use my feey again that is. I have faith and will-power, so I know that I will be healthy again.

  7. One part of my goal is my school work, first and formost if you have some time off, like a christmas vacation, I would suggest to stay ahead for work. Example i have written assignments due on jan 2nd i did them already because I want to stay ahead and if I have time I will. Point being, stay ahead and you will always be ahead of anything and everything. It just makes life easier.